Hum the Harvest Song

Food is a doorway to the places we have travelled or are yet to visit. It is a reminder of joyous times spent with family and friends. Each morsel we partake of has the power to echo intense emotion. The nourishment is not just of the body with the edibles on the table. Food can pull at the heartstrings, whilst offering a glimpse into the toil and wisdom of the “culture” in agriculture.

The sublime butteriness of Munsyari Rajma from Uttarakhand, the opulence of saffron from Kashmir, the golden radiance of Lakadong turmeric from Meghalaya, the spice boost of the Raja Mircha from Nagaland or lush nectar-like sweetness of Himalayan honey, they all evoke vivid imagery. They transport us into a myriad of landscapes: the hum of bustling villages, the melody of meandering rivers and streams, enchanted forests with their incredible diversity of flora and fauna, and the cultural milieu of Himalaya’s diverse locals that has evolved over thousands of years.

At Himalayan Essence we want you to experience the mystical and magical Himalaya through the produce we grow in partnership with communities across the Indian Himalayan Region. Our commitment to the Himalayan Way of Life ensures that it is 100% natural, free of chemicals, high in nutrition and great in taste. We test our products at some of the most stringent labs in the country and are happy to share the results with you.

We have combined traditional local wisdom with scientific nature-based solutions. Through the alchemy of farming steeped in love we invite you to a world of exceptional quality produce. Himalayan Essence produce gives you the pleasure of savouring mother nature’s lush bounty with your loved ones, right at your door-step.