Hello from the other side

At Himalayan Essence we understand that the knowledge about the Himalaya, their natural ecosystem, the communities that call these mountains their home and their way of life is vast and deep.

Over the years, we have been fortunate to have access to and learn from experts, reports, writings on the Himalaya from across the world.

Our work at Himalayan Essence is the result of extensive first-hand experience and learning born out of field work and conversations in addition to the resources developed by various individuals, organisations and agencies.

We share with you, an immersive repository of our readings which include articles, videos, white-papers, studies, and reports produced by national, as well as global organisations on the Himalaya. We also share with you reports on Nature-Based Solutions, Regenerative Agriculture and Sustainable Development.

We will continue to update this library of resources so you may indulge and delve deeper into the magical world of the Himalaya.